WHo am I?

my name is Kevin Barron I'm a freshman at Parkland high school i go to the Upward Bound program at UTEP and I'm 15 years old. I like to play football, soccer,  and Tennis I also like to read and play video games. I listen to music and draw and I'm also a photographer on my free time, love to take pic. of everything. And I'm saving to by my car and a green screen for my room. I'm a very dedicated person to my work and the people that are close to me. I have very low paciense so i get frustrated or mad (in some cases) very quickly i. My favorite food is the posole and the chiles rellenos. I have 2 brothers one is 14 and the another is 12 and 1 sister shes the baby from the family shes 9. I would some day like to travel  to some peaceful and beautiful place were i can lay down and relax because I think i deserve  it.  I want to become a Detective like CIS, I also want to make he diffrence on anything that's wrong. My best friend is from Delvalle high school and she is the greatest most beautiful girl I have ever met she has this green eyes that when i look at them i just get lost shes a type of friend i will give and change anything for.

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3 years ago

i like it