Do You Know That An Employee Asks For Stress Leave As Well?

You must have seen people asking for sick leave, casual leave, planned leave and so on but you have never witnessed that some ask for stress leave. The reason is that people do not pay adequate attention towards stress they are encountering within their day to day life. The reason behind stress could be many such as too much work load or personal misunderstanding in your relationship. No matter what is the reason behind stress of an individual, the law gave right to people to take leave for reducing stress.

According to the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), an employee is allowed to take 12 unpaid weeks off from work in the period of 12 months because of serious family issues and medical conditions. Not only this but also the law safeguards job security of employee while he is on leave.

If an employee shows doctors advice and explains his boss that he is encountering serious medical condition of stress than he can request for leave. The law also allows him to not to accomplish his work related task as well.

FMLA also permits and give the opportunity to employees that they can avail all the leaves at once or sporadically throughout the 12 months period for the sake of continuing medical treatment.

However, FMLA implies certain conditions as well according to which the employee is only able to take leave if he had served his employer for at least 1250 hours in the last month. This law is applicable if an employee works for private or government agencies, having at least 50 employees. Employee is liable to present all the medical conditions to employer that can cite the need of employee for continuing treatment regarding stress related health concerns.

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