How To Survive In The Zombie Apocalypse

Always Aim For A Zombie's Head In Combat Note: Carry An Axe In Case You Lose Ammo If Your Using A Gun.

  • If you can find any food remember too save food never know when your last meal will be. Don't want to become FAMISHED your gonna fight like the zombies. ಥ_ಥ

Go online see if you can find any information or try and lure zombies and experiment with them be highly secure don't let them get you.

Trap Trap Trap!

If you have any traps or now how to make a trap lay them around your house during morning time

You should DOUSE yourself everyday, (you are gonna be fighting a lot) don't use too much water or your gonna have to go to lake to go get some more if you ever run out.

In case you are surrounded by zombies you always need a (Plan B) if you can't fight them off.

Carry a grenade pouch if you ever get surrounded by zombie's this is (Plan B).

If you can find or make any kind of armor that will protect you from zombie affection than wear it [].

See if you can make an antidote too cure a zombie if it works than you should try and do it to all the zombie's in the area.

If you did find the antidote... [] try and find something that can shoot or just release it as a gas. So every zombie is affected. []

Now all your friends are back to normal celebrate with a nerf gun fight and tell them how you survived the zombie Apocalypse. []

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