Democritus was born 460 BC in Abdera, Greece.

died 370 BC.

discovered in 440 BC

-he was a Greek philosopher.

-he believed that there was an infinite number of unalterable atoms.

-both, him and his teacher accepted the existence of empty space.

-many of "Democritus'" ideas were really his teachers ideas, he was just given credit because of his detailed development.

-believed that atoms come in many different shapes and sizes.

-everything is made up of atoms


-Democritus was very wealthy and traveled a lot.

-he generated over 60 works

-known as the "laughing philosopher"

-recorded to only have one teacher

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Born 384 BC

died 322 BC

-unknown discovery date

-he believe that elements were made up of earth, air, water, and fire

-Aristotle did not discover any elements, but his theory helped with the discovery of elements

-he didn't believe that elements were the building blocks of life

-his theory was proven wrong by the Greek Philosopher Democritus.

-he studied under 4 categories- logic, theoretical Philosophy (math and physics), Practical Philosophy (ethics and politics), and Poetical Philosophy (poetry and fine arts).


-founded his own school known as peripatetic.

-associated with the philosopher Plato.

-tutored Alexander the Great.

-was favored by Democritus

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