Middle Colonies

Colonies: Pennsylvania, Delaware, New York, New Jersey

PA founding: by William Penn for religious freedom for the Quakers

D founding: by the Swedes for trade and land

NY founding: by the Dutch for trade for the Dutch West Indies Company

NJ founding: by George Carteret and Lord John Berkley, awarded to them by Duke of York

Middle Economy: The Middle Colonies had a thriving economy because of the good trade and cash crops

Triangular Trade: Triangular trade was trade between three regions. Regions would trade all sorts of things that did not thrive in the other areas. (ex: cash crops, slaves, manufactured goods, etc.)

Navigation Act: The Navigation Act was a series of laws that forbade ships to go to Britain, and all goods had to be shipped to England on English ships.

Quakers: The Quakers were a group of people who were Christians and wanted religious freedom in England.

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