Olympics in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is a beautiful country just southwest of India, that is about half the size of England.

Sri Lanka's top three physical tourist attractions are Anuradhapura, which is the ancient capital. Another favorite attraction is Arugam Bay in Sri Lanka's southeast. The last attraction is Dambulla, which is a large city with a huge temple and monument that was built in just 167 days.

The top three human geography features that attracts tourists is the huge cone shaped mountain called Adam's Peak, another attraction is fairly large plateau of Bible Rock which seemingly looks like a large book, or to christen it a bible. There is one last human geographic place Adam's Bridge which is a chain of limestone     

Three different hotels that are the Kandy Hotels in Colombo which start at $200 a night to $500. Another hotel option is the Sun Hotel which won the Traveler's Choice for small hotels, nights are $300 to $600. The last option that is quite fancy is the Hotel Sigiriya which is around $100 a night.

Five restaurants that serve authentic food are the Negombo Restaurant, the Hikkaduwa Restaurant, the Tangalle, the Bentota, and the Matara Restaurants. Most of these restaurants serve sour fish curry, Kottu, chicken curry, Lamprais, hoppers, pennywort salad, and different types of curry, there is not much meat in there diets.

The three cities were the olympics could be held in Sri Lanka are the Colombo, which is the capital and the biggest city, and the next city is Galkissa, because its the second biggest city, and third possible location is Moratuwa, because it is famous for the stadiums there.

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