Public Figures to Remember during Roosevelt Era & World War II:

1. Franklin Delano Roosevelt

  • Started Fireside chats
  • Expanded the role of OWI (Office of War information) during WW2
  • Created the ‘’New Deal’’

2. Louis McHenry Howe

  • PR Adviser of FDR
  • Helped FDR develop concept of “Fireside Chats”

3. Carl Byoir

  • Associate chair of the Committee on Public Information
  • 1930 founded his own agency, Carl Byoir and Associates ü one of the oldest and most successful firms.
  • Helped FDR to build public support and change public opinion toward FDR’s New Deal recovery programs with weekly radio broadcast and numerous other techniques.

4. Elmer Davis

  • Directed the Office of War Information during World War Two.
  • Coordinates public information from the military and mobilizing public support for the war effort and undermining enemy morale
  • Pioneered widespread use of radio, Hollywood and media to publicize war effort

5. George Gallup

  • Founder of American Institute of Public Opinion (AIPO)
  • Pushed the public opinion polling into the mainstream media

6. Rex Harlow

  • First full-time public relations educator when he began teaching at Stanford University in 1939
  • He founded the American Council on Public Relations and guided its development into the Public Relations Society of America in 1947

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