Longing, Greedy, Protective

All I wanted was...

A stable home with a farm

To feel less obligated


To feel accepted

A better life

But I didn't want...

To be on the run

To be poor

To be alone

Lennie to get into trouble

Lennie to have to die

Who is George?

George has accepted a challenging responsibility from Aunt Claira to take care of her nephew Lennie. In the book George was shown as a really aggressive and longing character. George is not happy with the situation he is in and wants to have a better life,                          he feels that if he didn't have Lennie to worry about all the time,                          he might have an easier, stress free life.

Who does George most interact with?

The main character that George interacts with the most is Lennie. George is very protective over Lennie and he always tries to help him not get into any trouble. Although George can get very annoyed with Lennie he will always be there for him no matter what.

Another character that George interacts with is Curley, George and Curley's relationship is not good. Curley and George have similar personalities, they both have bad tempers. When one man is searching for trouble, and the other man is trying to prove himself things can get heated very fast, and because of this it caused a lot of drama.

The last character that George has interacted with was Slim. Slim has always had something to say about how George is taking care of Lennie. When the book explains Slims relationship with Curley's wife, George is a little skeptical about Slim. Slim has a way of getting under peoples skin and George doesn't like that about him.

By knowing the way George interacts with other people it tells us how he won't tolerate   many things, but although his temper can be bad he knows what to say and when to say it. By seeing the relationship he has with Lennie his true character shines through because I believe George cares about Lennie so much that he tries to correct him when he wrong, and even though it seems harsh sometimes his heart is in the right place.

George and the Theme

George adds to the theme of when a change is wanted the outcome may not be what you expected but you have to accept it, because George always wanted a different life, and when he was given a change in his life, he might not have liked it but he accepted it.

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