Theme Connection Assignment
By: Emily Henschel and Madison Taylor

In a society where the people have their lives centered around technology and become dependent upon it, they loose themselves within it and the technology has complete control. In The Veldt by Ray Bradbury, two children have been spoiled with all they could ever ask for and are surrounded by everything technological. When their parents try to take this technology away, which is now a part of them, they go crazy and lash out, killing their own parents. You can see this same reaction from Tyt'anna when her grandmother takes her cellphone away for a week and she plans to poison her. These  3 kids have become so attached to technology they can't seem to operate without it, they have let the technology become their life and nothing else is more important to them. In The Digital Man by Isaac Olajos, he tells us of how we put our beliefs, emotions, thoughts all onto the internet and loose our identity in all the time and effort we spend to make a digital life for ourselves to share and have admired. This same theme is expressed in the these three different writings and is one to be seriously considered.

The theme of too much technology making you lose yourself that is present in The Veldt, the article about Tyt'ana, and from The Digital Man poem also connects to Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. This theme is present in the book when Clarisse McClellan is telling Montag how she enjoys watching people in their society, a society that is very dependent on technology, and she discovers that "'people don't talk about anything... they name a lot of cars or clothes or swimming pools mostly and say how swell! But they all say the same things and nobody says anything different from anyone else'" which shows how in the society the people have lost their identities (31). Also in the novel, Montag's wife, Mildred, is so engrossed in her parlor walls, which are like television screens, that she calls the actors her family and she chooses them over her husband. She thinks her family is real and "'[her] family is people'" (73). This shows how technology in the society has changed people's priorities and they lose their identity.  

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