Megan Petitt

  when i walked into UTA my mind had so many thoughts. I wondered if we would get to sit down in a class room, and learn a science lesson. would get to meat a teacher or students who play sports.

  one of my favored things to do at UTA was watch the two science presidents put on the science experiments show, but not only that i also liked how they explained all the reactions in the labs. sadly it was raining so we did not get to take the campus tour. besides that i was also not a fan of the competition the councilors put on i felt they where just trying to stall because the UTA tour was cansled , but i have to say it was still a good trip.

  something i think would be fun to do next year is take take the UTA tour ,but  also go , and meet all the school teachers.

  UTA is a great school  and all ,but it is not for me. when i grow up i want to be a marin bioligest. when i grow up ,and UTA is not a good marin svhool. over all though it is a great school.


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