Look @ F feat. Monika Kiss - "Love Paradise"

Label: Excession / Bliss Corporation
Release Date: 2014
Genre: Electro House

1. Love Paradise [Look @ F Remix]

2. Love Paradise [In 2 Deep Remix]

3. Love Paradise [Dub Mix]

After the success of the previous single "It's Gonna Be", Look @ F is back now with an energetic electro house track with the featuring of the magic voice by Monika Kiss.
"Love Paradise" is built to make move the heads of the dancing crowd with its powerful beat and an addictive groove.
The EP includes three different version, the "classic" version made by Look @ F, the  remix called "In 2 Deep" with introspective atmosphere, and the last but not least "Dub Mix" made for the exclusive club.
Are you ready to fire the dance floor?

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djrichnitemare -  Love Paradise (In 2 Deep Remix) cool track)))
Riccardo Rostellato DJ - Love Paradise (Look @ F Remix) Good very good
Saro Dj - Love Paradise (In 2 Deep Remix) Nice song...good for dancing
Dee Jay Santi - Love Paradise (Look @ F Remix) I like this and will play it out in my shows.
DJ Fresh - Love Paradise (In 2 Deep Remix) loe this track
DJ DiRRty HaRRi -  Love Paradise (Look @ F Remix) It's okay, I will look to play it soon.
Marcelo Domingues - Love Paradise (Look @ F Remix) Novidade na programao MDMix!
Marco Marcelli - Love Paradise (In 2 Deep Remix) It's okay, I will look to play it soon.
BryantLove - Love Paradise (Look @ F Remix) SLAMMIN SLAMMIN SLAMMIN
Radio Neve Sound - Love Paradise (In 2 Deep Remix) good
Stefano Peruzzi - Love Paradise (Look @ F Remix) good sound
Gianfranco Sorangelo  - Love Paradise (Look @ F Remix) OK
Sean Ison - ZFM Digital - Love Paradise (In 2 Deep Remix) nice track
Daniele Gladich - Love Paradise (Look @ F Remix) Look @ F Remix very good, I like the Dub one too.
Global Dance Session - Love Paradise (Look @ F Remix) Cool work.
Luca Michelini - Love Paradise (Look @ F Remix) Very nice track
Tony Cozzolino - Love Paradise (Look @ F Remix) good sound

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