Hi, I'm Jake, and I am fifteen years old. I'm in ninth grade I have three siblings. My favorite sports is soccer, and I play for my high school soccer team. My favorite football team is the Steelers. My favorite subject is math because I like finding answers to number problems. This summer my family went to a water park in Ohio called Kalahari. We stayed for two days, and I got to zip line across one of the outside pools. I have one Cavachon dog named Comet.

3 interesting things about me

I have 2 different color eyebrows

One of my eyebrows is blond, and the other is brown. I was born this way, I didn't dye them. Since seeing my eyebrows, some people started calling my Calico.


In my backyard, there is a farm. My family owns over a hundred chickens, and we have rabbits and geese. We have four main coops where we keep the chickens. This is where we get all of our eggs and chicken.


My favorite food is tacos. I believe that every tuesday should be taco tuesday. I am trying to get my family to make it a weekly things, but nobody will listen.

3 Goals

1. My first goal is to study other than the day before a test. Usually, I cram in all my studying till the day before the big test. Everyday before the test, I will study a section of my notes. On the day before the test, I won't have to cram all the information in one night.

2. My second goal is to do homework the day it is assigned instead of the day before it is due. In my math class, homework is only graded the day of the test. I could do my homework the day it is given to me, so I won't have to do it all in one night.

3. My final goal is to do my homework earlier in the day. Usually, I start my homework at 6:30-7:00. If I started my homework around five, I wouldn't be tired when I'm doing my homework, and I could get it done faster.

I would like to visit
London England

If I could visit anywhere, I would visit London. I learned that England has kings and queens, and I would like to know what it is like living in a monarchy. I want to see the royal palace and Big Ben. I think London would be a cool place to visit.

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