Vivek Sookram - 7D - Digital Photography and Editing

I learnt how to edit photos and make an online portfolio. The photo editor is (hptt:// The online portfolio is (hptt://

This photo represents bravery by how people risk their lives to win somethig

I edited this photo in (hptt:// I added a film border and the word bravery

This photo represents the value of bravery. By show showing a man jumping of a cliff into water

I edit this in (hptt:// I changed the hue  and added a star and a halo.

bravery is repsesented in this photo by how people risk their live  by dealing with electrcal wires

I used (hptt:// added swirls, lightning, text, horns and glasses

this photo shows people skydiving

I used (hptt:// i added a border, a skull, dots and i changed the hue

this is my collage

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