Yr8 - Make Poverty History

Integrated Curriculum Unit

Course Overview

  • Define Poverty
  • Poverty Poem
  • The Poverty Cycle
  • Global Case Study
  • Panel Task
  • Panel Task Evaluation & Reflection
  • Narrative (Poverty Story)
  • Yr 8 Poverty Challenge (Optional)
  • Rich Task Evaluation & Reflection
  • Rich Task Alternative task

Curriculum with real life meaning:    

Can we make a difference to poverty around the world?


The purpose of differentiating the curriculum is to provide appropriate learning opportunities for all students. Tasks are designed with multiple entry points which challenge students to develop and achieve success.  Our year 8 program is designed to help engage and provide meaning to student learning and meet the needs of individuals.  The team teaching approach also gives us the opportunity to work with different ability groups and support and guide students to succeed.


Global Case Study

Panel Task

  • Persuasive Writing
  • Debating skills
  • Use of digital media, costumes and props to enhance engagement and understanding
  • Investigate current world issues related to poverty
  • Identify various stakeholder positions
  • Present in character to persuade audience

Differentiating Thinking Tools

Rich Task

Detail purpose of rich task, differentation that occurs and personalised learning through real life meaningful activities.

Poverty Challenge

Comment Stream