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Let's Kahoot.it

Note to teachers : Once Kahoot quiz is launched

  • Tell students to use their First name, no registration required
  • Wait until you see all your students have joined the quiz (The number of players will appear on the screen)
  • Tell students they will need to read the questions from the board and answer on their Ipad, they will have 30 secs to answer
  • Click on Launch and Play, teachers you will need to click on Next question to move the quiz on
  • At the end of the quiz, students can give feedback via Kahoot.it and you will have a summary of the results

Session 6  
Positive Education
Drugs & You

Today's session will be focussing on the dangers of drugs use and how drugs can indirectly affect people around you.

  • Teachers share this tackk address with your students .
  • https://tackk.com/yr9drugs
  • Students make a copy of the task sheet 'What is important to you' and write your thoughts based on the questions.
  • Then save it in your drive in a folder for Positive Education which you need to create.

Now let's think about the things that would get in the way of a sensible class discussion on drugs. ( 5 mins)

Teacher : Assign a window to each group and discuss. Give students 5 mins and then share answers . Read the instructions below.

Teachers you may want to write it on the board and this will become your class agreement during this session.

Class Activity 1

Questions based on video clip 1 'Crossing The Line'.

  1. When did she first start using drugs?
  2. A majority of young people in the UK use illegal drugs. True/False
  3. What is the name of the drug that he tried at his friend’s party?
  4. What influenced him to try it?

Class Activity 2
15 mins

How do different people respond to issues related to drugs?

  • Divide the class into 5 or 6 groups.
  • Each group is assigned to a different type of incident and ask students to discuss and write down (use a google document) how they think each of the people should respond to/be involved in, an incident of that nature.
  • Each student must take on a role based on the scenario given. (15 mins)
  • Students can take a photo of the boxes below and write their ideas using Pic Collage or Educreations.

Does GIS do random drug testing?

What do you know about
GIS Drug Screening Policy?
Think Pair Share
2 mins

Teachers go through the GIS Drug Screening Policy!

Share your thoughts on why we do drug testing in school.