"Try and try again"

Naomi Ledford

The Power of Yourself

I believe in the good and bad in others,

the love,

the existence of God,

the peace of staring up at the stars,

the love of God,

friendship, hope, family,

But I don’t believe in the lies and rumors spread around school.

I believe in the power of nature,

I believe in taking risks,

I believe in the calm right after a storm,

home, life, fate,

And I believe in the power of your self.

My Credo

      Try and try again. My mom would always tell me that when I complained to her that I couldn’t do something. Try something and keep trying until you succeed.

     After a while I got tired of going to my mom and having her tell me try and try again. I eventually started to do this with out thinking. I would try to make a fort and would fail. I would stop, think about what I did wrong, how I could fix it. I would try again.

     This is important to me because everyone has been told this at one time or another. In this way or that. That if you keep trying you will eventually succeed. You only really fail when you give up. I mean, come on, Thomas Edison found nearly a hundred ways to not make a light bulb before he found the one way to make a light bulb.

     My credo is one that will never really change. Keep trying until you succeed. No matter how you say it, think it, or do it, the results are the same. You try and try again until you succeed. You want into a certain college or job, keep trying until you get what you want.

     I press everyone to live a day at a time by my credo. Never give up. If you give up you will never succeed but if you keep trying you will eventually succeed. My credo is simple, try and if you fail, try again.

By Naomi Ledford

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