By: James Patterson
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Maximum "Max" Ride: Max is the leader of her group or what they prefer to call "the flock." She's also the oldest of them all and is a mother figure, but doesn't have a mother or father figure. She's strong, independent and is very fierce. She also has mixed feelings with Fang because she doesn't know whether or not they should date.

Fang: He is one of the oldest and is very quiet, mysterious and rarely shows any emotion. He is also very sarcastic and opens up more to Max and admires her for her leadership skills. He may also have the DNA of a raven.

Nudge:  He real name is Monique and she is known as a motormouth because she loves to talk a lot. Nudge's DNA may have come from a pigeon as her wings are often compared to a pigeon. She is 11 years old and is of African-American descent. She's a girly girl who loves to shop and wear make-up, unlike Max. She is able to hack computers and has magnetism.

Iggy: His real name is James as he has icy blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair and he's blind. He and Gazzy are best friends and he loves making explosives and loves to cook. He has a highly developed sense of hearing and he can identify one person in his group by hearing their footsteps. He's one of the oldest and is trying to find his parents.

The Gasman "Gazzy": He earned his nickname since he passed gas a lot and he's around 9 years old. He has blonde hair, blue eyes, and grows tall for his age like the rest of his group. He is able to mimic any sound or voice which gives him the advantage to pull pranks on the rest of his group and he also makes explosives with Iggy.

Angel: She's about six years old and has the ability to read minds and telepathy. She is very mature for her age but enjoys doing childlike things like going to Disney. She is very observant and is intelligent which is very dangerous because of her abilities. She also has a dog named Total who can talk.

Jeb Batchelder: He was like a father to the kids and raised them for a little while until he left without a trace and Max became the leader. He tries to work things out with Max, but she doesn't forgive easy since he betrayed her.

Dylan: He's also Max's love interest and he has a crush on her. He is around her age and has amazing eyesight like seeing things on the other side of the ocean or see the galaxy, a nice singing voice, and can self-heal. He is described by being, "Max's perfect other half."

James Patterson

James Patterson is a best selling author and has also written other books like the Witch and Wizard series, Alex Cross series, Maximum Ride series, Confession series, Kiss The Girls series and many more. He was born on March 22, 1947 in New York. He won the Edgar Award for Best First Novel by an American Author.


This book has multiple genres and a few of those genres are Science Fiction, Fantasy, Action and Romance.


The story is about the kids being 98% human and 2% birds which gives them the ability to fly and have their own separate abilities. When Fang left, Max was depressed at her mom's house. Fang left due to a disagreement in the last book and Max also found her mom in the last book, but didn't live with her until the end of the last book. Jeb and Dr. Hans told Max that she was to be a leader to the Gen77 and to have kids but her mother refuses because she believes Max is too young. At some point, everyone rides a plane except Max because she wanted to fly to see the Gen77 kids and the plane crashes and Dr. Hans disappeared.


The conflict is that since Fang left and made his own group and Max is depressed at her mom's house. They visit Gen77 and the unthinkable happens as they barely escape. Someone near Max goes missing and she calls Fang for help.


Just because you're not blood, doesn't mean you aren't family.

The flock are brothers and sisters no matter what their genes, race, DNA or looks are. They've known each other for the longest and also had each other's backs for the longest and without them being together, their empire would fall because they all meant something to each other.


When Jeb visited Max at her mom's house and asked her to be a leader to other kids, but her mom refused since she felt as if Max was too young. I felt as if this really showed how much of a leader Max really was and how mature she was but how she still needed a childhood.


My personal opinion is that this book is the most suspenseful and descriptive of the series and this book ties everything together and gives us more answers.

This book makes me and many others feel a lot of emotions like sadness, happiness, and it'll make you laugh. The reason I say this is because the suspenseful parts of the book are different from the others which'll make you wonder a lot about what will happen next.

I would recommend this book to people who are interested in science fiction and likes a little romance and fantasy along with controversy. You have to like controversy because characters throughout the book will have their arguments and disagreements.

Part of the book that I remember the most is the part where Fang is frustrated because he felt as if Dylan was taking his place in the flock aka their group and Max didn't really know how to feel.


Man Vs. Self

Max Vs. Herself

She is confused about who she likes because she's drawn to Dylan and Fang. Fang was someone she liked and Dylan was sweet in a way.

Man Vs. Man

Fang and Max argue about leadership since  they know they both have their own groups.

I can make a connection to a movie about 2 leaders of  2 different girl groups argue becuase they believe that they're better than the other resulting in arguments and challenges.

TLC - Meant To Be

In the bridge of the song, I felt as if it represents the group's friendship and how they felt about their separation

"From the moment we met
Meant to be
Through the sorrow, through the stress
Meant to be through life and through death
Hey we've built a love that nothing can test
Meant to be"

They went through a lot of sorrow and stress and traveling from place to place and all they had was each other. They loved each other as if they were brothers and sisters and knew they were meant to be family.


This quote represented how time doesn't stop for no one no matter what happened and how you've got to keep it moving and keep going because again, time stops for no one. This was in chapter 79 of the book and was in Max's point of view.

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