Student iPads & Apple TVs @ LSHS

We have arrived!

All items can be reserved through Eduphoria's Facilities & Events reservation system.

We now have 11 Student iPads and 3 Apple TVs available for checkout from the library.

About the iPads

iPads are mobile learning devices that students can use for creating videos and other projects, exploring apps and simulations, and researching  new content.

Some facts about the iPads:

  • Students do not login to the iPad directly.  But they will have to login to websites and accounts you want them to use.  (This means they'll also need to remember to LOG OUT of these accounts when they're done.)
  • Both pictures and video can be taken with the iPads.  But these should also be cleared off when returned to the library.

    Lesson Ideas:
  • Use apps like PuppetPals or Toontastic to make cartoon videos that let students tell stories, summarize an event, describe what they've learned.
  • Use content specific apps like NASA's ISS app or the Library of Congress's DocTeach app for lessons and instruction.
  • Use Socrative, Nearpod or InfuseLearning for formative assessments.

About the Apple TVs

Apple TV is a device that allows you to show your iPad on your classroom projector screen.  Through this you can show images and sound wirelessly.

Apple TVs can be used in the classroom to:

  • Show students a demonstration through an app.
  • Display a video or project that a student created on an iPad.
  • Let students show the research information they've found on a topic.
  • And more.....!

*Instructions for how to connect the Apple TV to your classroom projector setup will be included in the box of equipment.  (Included in each box of equipment is an Apple TV, a connector cable, an Apple TV remote, a power cord, and instructions.)