MMS Jacket Buzz

March Edition

Photo by: Alexis Andreozzi

Model United Nations

Melea and Jonah Interview

This past month UN students competed at Region 7 in Kilgore, TX. I interviewed UN member Melea Bedford and asked her a few questions. I asked her, “How did you come up with your topic?” and she responded with, “At first I had two ideas, but none of them worked. So then I asked Mrs. Ledkins and she gave me the idea of doing the illegal medical drug trade as my resolution topic.” I also asked her what she liked best about UN. She said, "competing against other schools and being creative with maps and collages are my favorite parts about being in UN."

I also interviewed Jonah Fischer and asked him a couple of questions, too. This was Jonah’s first year in UN. Since it was his first year in UN, I asked him if he was nervous speaking. He said "no." I asked him, how was your first year of UN? He replied with, “It was great and exciting.” Jonah won 1st place in speaking for UNESCO. I asked him how he felt when he won 1st place and he said he felt excited, proud and happy.

Article by: Arlinda Meta

UN Results

This year Mineola UN Students competed at Region 7 in Kilgore, TX. The 8th grade country Nigeria won 3rd place in the map contest. The 7th grade country of China won 3rd place in resolution writing. The resolution was written by Melea Bedford. In the committee of UNESCO Jonah Fischer won 1st place in speaking and Emily Phonsnasinh won 3rd place. The best novice award went to the 6th graders for the country of Haiti.

Article by: Arlinda Meta

Sports Beat: Girls

Track Update

Basketball season has just ended for the boys and girls. Track season has just begun. Everyone is preparing really hard. This is their schedule:

March 16- Edgewood

March 23- TBA

March 31- Grand Saline

April 7- Mineola

April 13- District Meet Edgewood

Come out and support our athletes!

Article by: Rachel Drennon

First Track Meet

The 7th grade girls have been practicing their track events. We have progressed on our form in our running and figuring out who is doing what event. Our coaches, Coach Hawkins and Coach Denis have told us who the sprinters, medium distance, and our long distances are.

Now all we have left to do is see who will be participating in our first track meet on March 16th in Edgewood. Coach Denis states, “The girls have been working extremely hard, they will progress majorly by the time we get to our district track meet.”

Article by: Cyndi Butler

Sports Beat: Boys

Track Events

                           Events:                                              Jumping:

                         Running:                                              Pole vault

                    100 meter dash                                         Long jump

                    200 meter dash                                         Triple jump

                    400 meter dash                                         High jump


                                               4x1             4x2


                         Hurdles:                                           Throwing:

                        100 meter                                         Shot Put

                         300 meter                                        Discuss

Article by: Preston Mosher

7th Grade Basketball

This basketball season the 7th grade A-Team Boys were undefeated. Also they were the District Champions. They played over 12 games, plus a few tournaments. They were coached by Coach Jeff Tittle and Coach John VanDover. They have made some incredible athletes out of that group of boys. They are the best in our district!

Article by: Preston Mosher

Track Interview

Lin Dong

Lin Dong is a long distance runner for Mineola Middle School. When I asked him why he was doing track he said, “ I do it because it is fun.” He told me he runs the mile and mile and a half and has finished in the top five every time.

I asked him if he runs often and he replied with, “I do run often, I run often because running is life.” When I asked him if he thinks he can compete with the people in our district he answered by chanting, “ I think I can compete with them boys, because I am the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will ever will be."  He told me he runs an amazing 5 minutes and 59 seconds in the mile, and his longest run was three miles in 20 minutes.

So I think it’s safe to say that Lin Dong is a great runner that is trying to win. Lets jump on his back and let him carry us to victory.

Article by: Shaw Franklin

Photo Credit by: Shaw Franklin

Club Beat

FCA Interview: Katie Jo

Today I interviewed Katie Jo Callison an 8th grader, she participates in FCA as an officer. She’s been an officer since the 6th grade, she isn’t involved in any other organizations. I asked her what’s one of her goals this year and she told me, “To reach out to people more about God.” Her favorite sport is basketball and she’s also involved in track.

Article by: Karina Bautista

Academic Beat


(Read in a Scary voice)

You best beware. Its coming for you. There’s no escaping it. Its coming. Run! Its here…… THE STAAR TEST!! (scream!)

For those of you that didn’t know the STAAR test is in fact in April, but it's also in March! The test days are Monday the 30th (another reason to hate Mondays) and Tuesday the 31st. Even though its at the end of the month, it is still really important to study. You have a whole month to prepare. Don’t waste it!!! For studying tips I suggest reading Jade Stockton’s article.

Article by: Faith Rodriguez

Study Tips for STAAR

As a student, you are studying day and night attempting to learn and understand what you have gotten wrong or you did not understood in class in preparation of STAAR. Well, we have found quite a few strategies and tips; not only for preparing for STAAR tests, but for note taking tips and also test taking methods.


  • Teacher writes something on the chalkboard/overhead or repeats an idea then it is usually a key point and you should write it down.
  • Date your notes. Add titles and subtitles when you move onto a new topic for a easy finding.
  • Write Legibly
  • Study from past tests, review sheets, and homework


  • Don't try to do all your studying the night before the test
  • Have ALL study material in front of you
  • Find a comfortable and quiet place to study with good lighting and little distractions
  • Start by studying the key points/main events
  • Don't study later than the time you usually go to sleep


  • Bring at least two pens/pencils with good erasers, a calculator with enough batteries and any other assets that your teacher allows you to.
  • Pace yourself, don't rush . Read the entire question and pay attention to the details. Also, underline or highlight what seems important.
  • Write legibly. (CLEARLY)
  • Only change an answer if you misread or misunderstood the question, because the first answer that you put is usually the correct one."

Article by: Jade Stockton

Current Feature

Spring Break Poem

Spring time is a near
Soon the allergies will appear
Planning will need to be done
So we can have some fun in the sun

The average will be outside
The awkward will stay in and hide
Leapfrog is one thing to do
You jump over someone, then someone jumps over you

One thing that is super cool
Is the one week out of school
During this time, enjoy it with your family

This occasion will only appear rarely!

Article by: Crimsin Underwood

St. Patrick's Day/Showcase

St. Patricks Day is a fun day, you get to wear green all day and if somebody isn’t then you get to pinch them. March 17th is the day alright. It is the day that St. Patrick himself died. On that special day Mineola Middle School will be having their Student Showcase.

On this day we will be showing off all of the talents and work that the MMS students have done over this past year. We will need all of your participation in this event. Hope to see you there!

Article by: Kaitlyn Burrell

Students of the Month

Colt Marlow

Colt Marlow

Colt Marlow is the March boy Student of the Month and is the son of Christie and Britan Marlow. He is in the 7th grade and was born January 23, 2002. He enjoys being apart of school sports such as football and basketball. He is apart of F.C.A and plans to stay apart of that club. His favorite color is green and favorite subject is science. Outside of school he enjoys playing with his dog and watching his favorite sports team the Dallas Cowboys and his favorite player Tony Romo. He plans to go to Texas A&M and study to become a doctor.

Article by: Tiara Stephens

Isabella Tresca

Isabella Tresca

Isabella Tresca is the March girl Student of the Month and the daughter of Micheal and Sarah Tresca. She is in the 7th grade and was born July 5,2002. She excels in all of her classes and her favorite is math. She is an expert in sports such as, softball, volleyball, and basketball. She enjoys being in F.C.A and plans to stay in it until high school. Her favorite color is green and favorite sports team is Greenbay Packers with her number one favorite player Aaron Rodgers. She also loves to sleep outside of school. She wants to go to the University of Texas in Austin and study to be a coach or a nurse.

Article by: Tiara Stephens

Designed by: Emily Jones