Live Different

by Cole Whitley

The Giver is a book that will open the minds of those that are closed to the world and show what everyday people take for granted. This will be revealed by the main character, Jonas.

Jonas lives far into the future, where he lives a life of so-called perfection. There is no war, no hunger, and no pain of any kind. Except to make everyone's life perfect, Jonas must keep their memories.

As long as everyone follows the community rules, everyone is content, or so some think.The problem with the rules though, is that everything has rules. Everything is the same. The punishment for breaking the release.

There is no freedom in the in the communities, everyone does what their told and nothing more. Jonas soon will realize how much he yearns for that freedom to.

The only difference in the entire community, is Jonas, who will learn about life from the only other man that is also different in the community, the Giver.

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