What About Me?

Olivia R.

Hanging out with my friends makes me happy!  I also love helping others when they need it.  My friend's and I enjoy making movies, and I love being the director.

The place that I have wanted to travel is China.  If I ever travel to China, I want to go see The Great Wall of China, and The Forbidden City.

I was born in Pocatello Idaho.  I was born there because my dad was going to school there.

My favorite thing to watch on YouTube is Studio C.  This is one of my favorite Studio C sketches.

I love to play tennis, and my favorite color is purple.  Last year I was on varsity doubles, and this year, I am looking forward to trying out for varsity singles.  In 10 years I want to continue playing tennis and continue to get better.

This is my family.  On the left side, is my sister Mallory, My mom and me.  On the right, my brother Owen and my dad.

A song that I listen to on repeat is Best Days by Beyond 5.  Beyond 5 came to the North Idaho College and I went to see them in concert.


I recently completed a quilt in quilting class during the second quarter.

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