Crossroads Academy
Big History Project
By: Zybria Goode

March 5th

Activity: History as a mystery

What I learned.....

I learned that the things that people did back in the B.C and A.D times are not the some things we do now.

March 6th


What I learned.....

I learned that every thing has a cause and a affect. I also learned that things can change just because one that littlest thing.

March 7th


What I learned......

I learned that it it very important to know how to find on the website.

March 12

Powers of Ten

March 12

Activity: Notations and Measures

What I learned.....

I learned that every notation has a pattern connected with that standard from number.

March 17th

Activity: Scale of the universe on a string

What I learned.......

I learned is that distance is not something that you see it is something that you learn.

March 27

Activity: Into to origin stories

What I learned......

I learned that every culture and every religion has a different way that life came to be and how animals/ humans were created.

April 28

Activity: Who knows what?

What I learned....

I learned that everything is a mystery until we ask questions so we can answer them and discover more mysteries.

May 22

Activity:What Do You Know? What Do You Ask?

What i learned.....

I learned that every job has certain skills that u will need and certain questions that u will need to ask.

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june 2

Activity: Complexity and Threshold

What I learned.....

I learned that everything was a complex side and everything has to cross aline to become complex.

June 2

Activity: history of me

video: One Student of Big History

June 4

An Earth-Centered View of the Universe

Father of Modern Observational Astronomy

A Sun-Centered View of the Universe

Physics, Gravity & the Laws of Motion

Gallery: How Did Our Understanding of the Universe Change?Hide tutorial navigation

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June 4

Activity: Big Bang Snap Judgment

Gallery: Stars

Infographic: Life Cycles of the Stars

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What I learned.......

I learned that a star life starts way before we can see it. It starts when a big ball of energy merge atoms together to make a beautiful light show.