Babe ruth

  • Babe Ruth was born Feb 06,1895  
  • His mom name  is Kathrine  Schamberger
  • His dad name is Goerge Herman Ruth ,Sr  
  • He died august 16,1948 he was 53
  • He has 1 sibling Mamie  ruth.
  • He played   pitcher and on the Red Sox and the Yankes.
  • He played for  22 seasons.
  • His awards are American League MVP, American League All-Star Team, Baseball Hall of Fame, Associated Press Athlete of the Century, Major League Baseball All-Century Team,  Sporting News Greatest Player off All-Time.  
  • His most noted skill is pitching and hitting  
  • Yes i think he is still is a role modle because he never gave up in a game.
  • He retired 1935 because he was a Brooklyn Dodgers coach
  • Yes i think he is the retired the hight of his game.
  • When he quit he played a lot of golf.

Babe Ruth with all his baseball bats!

this is Babe Ruth hitting his 60th home run.

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