Four Seasons

                                       By: Holly, Lauren, Jackson, Aidan, Walker


Warm springs brings new life and warmth after a long, cold Winter. New life and green leaves appear in a sea of green. The months of spring are March, April, and May.


Spring is followed by Summer. In Summer the days are longer, and the nights are shorter. A hot season filled with laughter, vacations, and fun! The months of Summer are June, July, and August.


Following Summer is a dry, hot season filled with beautifully colored leaves falling from trees. Lots of fun is had by giant leaf piles, created by the raking up of leaves. The months of Autumn are September, October, and November.


After all these seasons comes a wet, cold, and snow full Winter. In the Winter days are shorter and nights are longer. The months of Winter are December, January, and February.

How These Seasons Come to Be

What causes these seasons? Why is summer hot? This all comes to be because of the Earth's axis. When half of the earth is facing towards the sun, they are experiencing Summer. The other side of the Earth is facing away from the sun. This causes that cold season Winter. When part of the earth is slightly facing the sun, this area is experiencing Spring, and if it slightly facing away from the sun this area is experiencing Autumn.

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