Freshmen Seminar

Freshmen Seminar gets freshmen ready for high school and tells everyone what they should do wh

1. Get Connected

Getting connected tells you all about your high school.  I learned a lot more information about my high school after I did this lesson.

2. Study Skills

Study skills are all the different types of ways you can take notes.  Their are cornell notes, outlining, and maps.  I learned all of these types of note taking styles and I like the outlining the best.

3. Digital Literacy

Digital literacy tells you how to make your search results much better, tells you how to identify a website if it is trustful or fake, and all about copyrights.  After learning these, I find searching on google so much easier.  Also, I can tell when a website is real or fake now.  The last thing is that I know all about copyrights and when there is a copyright sign or not.

4. Careers

In this lesson, you can find out what career you want to do in the future.  Also, you can learn all about the career you chose you want to do.  I learned what career I wanted to do and now know all about it.

Students should take freshmen seminar because it will help them a lot once they start high school.  The benefits of freshmen seminar are that you can learn all about your high school, all the types of studying, how to make google searches more effective, and find out what career you want to do.  In my opinion, my favorite part of freshmen seminar is how I learned what career I wanted to do in the future.

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