"Ye who sweats for the great"

An American is one who lives free; living free as in working for oneself, earning high wages, being treated equal. Instead of being looked as insignificant, an American is viewed as independent and prosperous.

The picture I selected represents an European transforming into an American. As the caterpillar transforms, all of its old ways are left behind, and new ones are developed. As of a European, when (s)he comes to America, new traditions take over old traditions and old manners are set aside; like a new man transforming.

In Praise of America

America is the answer
To all of life's problems
America, the home of freedom
And self actualization.
The world revers America,
Paragon of beauty,
Epitome of pride;
I love America
Hopeful home,
Benevolent barn.

-Samuel Nze

I chose the poem "In Praise of America" because in the perspective of Europeans, America was a place where they wanted to be. Europeans came to America for freedom and to renew themselves as citizens by proudly forgetting about the past and adjusting to the American government.

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