Play the piano with you feet!

Our group created this because it is an easy, fun way for children to learn music. Our purpose is help children realize music isn't so difficult to learn after all. Music is an important skill for children to learn.

We followed the original design, only modifying the way users connect to the "earth". We realized that it would be inconvenient for people to have to hold on to the stair railing at all times.

We used illustration board for the frame of the keyboards, and we placed aluminum foil in the middle of each illustration board. We painted the frames to match the different colors of the rainbow. The program that we will be using with Makey-Makey is a keyboard-controlled Scratch program.

It was a very interesting experience. It was not difficult per say, but without a group effort it would not have turned out as well as it did.

-Andy Cheon, Daniella P. Gana, Uma Jagwani, Jewel Licup, Jann Manuel-

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