The Pump of the Pressurized Heat Pipe Solar Water Heater

Well, what is the specific function of the heat pipe? When the water pressure is not enough, people will use the pump to deal with it, such as drilling well, water dispenser or other devices. The pump is a good device to pressurize. The most common devices in our daily life are domestic faucet and solar geyser that need the pump to pressurize. And the solar geyser pump with 90 watt or 120 watt is more suitable for the low story dwellings which are less than seven floors. When the current of the faucet is small, it needs to install the pressurized pump to enlarge the current and normalize the shower.

The full automatic UPA shield pump abandons the clumsy external automatic switch, using the advanced internal electronic automatic control switch, which is able to run after closing the system automatically when there is no liquid in the pipelines, improving the safety of the running of the electrical machine. Therefore, the new full automatic UPA shield pump is more humanized than the solar glass tube graphite shroud water pump.

The pressurized pump is mainly used on the pressurization of the domestic cold and hot water, hot water of the solar geyser as well as the water pressure in apartments or hotels. Generally, the solar geyser pump is suitable for pressurization and circulation of hot water less than 100 degrees. The unstable water pressure is easy to cause fire for some devices especially the pressurized heat pipe solar water heater. The installation of the solar geyser pump is able to deal with this problem totally. And it is suitable for the pressurization of the whole small family.

The advantage of the copper coil solar geyser is that is can pressurize both hot water and cold water. It can tolerant the temperature change of the water. And its special water-cooled machine makes the solar water heater pump is able to run quietly. In addition, the design of the integration will not create leakage, making sure the safety for the users. And the rotor and stator use stainless steel cover to shield and separate two of them, which delays the insulation aging. Using two gaskets to seal can avoid the leakage effectively. And using wear-resisting bearings is able to be more stable, wear resistant as well as have longer service life. And the ultra-silent shaft sleeve use liquid lubrication, which lessens the noise, while the original one has larger noise with longer using time. What’s more, the impeller uses centrifuge design to make sure the large water yield and high efficiency.- See more about solar water heater products at:

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