Final Project 7


What a fun and stretching experience! The students in the Youth Entrepreneurs class impressed and inspired me! Enjoy.

Lesson Rubric, Signed Letter & Lesson Plan link

Student Work

This is Alli's detailed timeline from the article about Tim Harris, a restaurant owner who has Down's Syndrome.

The students kept the rough drafts of their personal timeline in order to work on the final. Mrs. Ricke is going to send me some examples of the final timeline projects, and I'll update this as needed.

Highlights of Lesson Experience

Overall this experience was very positive for me, as well as the classroom teacher and students. I definitely learned a few things about myself.

  • I really enjoy creating the lesson and thinking through all the steps
  • I still get nervous when I'm in front of students
  • Students will meet high expectations and surprised me with how they "ran with it"
  • Everything takes longer than you think
  • Not everything goes as planned
  • Technology is not as scary as I thought

It took a whole class period (50 minutes) to watch the video, discuss it, map it out on the timeline, have students read an individual article and make a timeline based on the article. The second day we started on their personal timelines. It took another whole class period to brainstorm ideas together, complete a rough draft and get started on the final draft of their personal timeline. I was only scheduled to be there two days, and I am anxious to see if the students completed their timelines at home as assigned over the weekend. Mrs. Ricke is going to get back with me with some samples. I have to say that after seeing their rough drafts, there are some students with some very interesting experiences and though it was difficult for them to think through those experiences and come up with lessons/skills learned, it was a worthy exercise for them.

Another unexpected thing was that I used the Promethean board to walk them through the lesson from the Symbaloo page, so in effect the Tackk that I created for students was mostly unnecessary. By walking them through step by step, we were able to stay in sync together in terms of what step we were working on. It was wonderful that Mrs. Ricke was able to link the Symbaloo to her class wiki page so that the students had easy access to the site. However, this also required me to be flexible and learn how to manipulate the Promethean board in a way I had not done before.

The students responded well and did a great job participating in discussion. I had some great conversations with them. For example, one student was born and lived in Japan for the first five years of his life. He was struggling with how that experience has shaped him since he was so young. I was able to ask him some questions, such as "Can you come up with a word from that experience?" (unique) "How does that experience change or shape your world view?" (makes him more globally minded and open to traveling). Another student was a student-exchange student from Poland. She was an inspiration and has done so much in her young life.

I feel more confident in my ability to share something significant with students. I'm inspired to think about how I could develop this idea of the "power of stories" and share it with more people.