How to create a universe
Build a universe - Mary Savage, 3 April 2014

There is over 2 billion stars in a galaxy and there are three and 1/2 trillion galaxies in the universe.  

It all began with the Big Bang but the Big Bang is not the correct name for it.  The Big Bang can be described as an inflating a balloon.  It was a bang without an explosion but it happened everywhere in the universe and created everything all at the same time.  To create a solar system a star had to go supernova.  A supernova was a really really big explosion caused by when a star died.  

So I will start talking about our solar system, the first planet to form was Jupiter but like anything being constructed there were problems and when the supernova happened it created everything needed to form the planets.  So the problem was that Jupiter was eating up all the stuff (i.e oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, helium, copper) and it was slowing down its orbit and directly spinning into the sun.  The sun did have an idea of how to stop this.  It made a shockwave clearing the path for Jupiter and the good thing was that there was still enough stuff (oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, helium, copper) to create the other planets, so in a few billion years the others planets were formed.  They were Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune but there was one missing EARTH.  

Earth is unique because it has one thing that other planets don't have.  It has LIFE.  The other planets did not have for LIFE for the following reason.  They did not have water.  Because everything that lives needs water.  Some planets like Mercury were too close to the Sun so the water would boil up.  Other planets like Saturn were too far away.  So the water would freeze into ice like iron.  The planets also needed to be the right size.  Even though Mars was in the right place it was wrong size.  So the water wouldn't go where it should be.  

So when Earth was formed it was the right size and in the right place so the water wouldn't boil up, freeze up or go in the wrong place.  Now, EARTH could have LIFE.

So now we have built the sun, and when you build one star and you've built them all.  But there is one more problem, the Galaxies are falling apart, because there is nothing holding them together and what holds them together is one of the most common things and that is DARK MATTER.  With this dark matter, the galaxies are pulled back together and now the UNIVERSE IS COMPLETE.  

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