The Ancient Egypt


Anubis was the god of mummification. He had a human body and the head of a jackal. Anubis was the son of Nephthys. His job was to prepare the bodies of the dead to be received by Osiris.

This next photo will be the process of mummification.

I will now you show the nile river.

6,835 km long. CRAZY!!! right!

This was the river Egypt used to bath, wash cloths, get water from, and send trade routs.

People where mummified and put in these HUGE temples.

Ex: King tut a was found not even touched in a temple like one of these.

Daily life was farming.

But if it rained the would help build the kings project.

They beileved in many gods called ''polytheism''.

Ex: Anumbis god of the dead.

Ex: The had over 2,000 gods!

And last, this map shows some very cool things found around Egypt.

The Temple of Amun in Karnak

And Tutankhamun.

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