Element Scavenger Hunt

Heterogeneou​s Mixture- They are different and cant to blend easy.

This Mixture of different types of candy are different and cant be easily mixed and can easily be seperated.

Malleable- a substance that can be melted, hammered, and shaped.

Gold would be malleable because it can be broken down, melted,and shaped.

Solid-Something hard.

A Basketball is round and hard, if you drop it it will bounce.

Food Sources of Calcium

Food Source of Calcium is Broccoli, Milk, Cheese, Brussels Sprouts, Mulberry, Sapote, Cabbage, Sesame Seeds, and Kale.

Sulfur-it disinfect and fumigate

This Sulfur Clay Mask help get rid of acne.


Halogen contains Chlorine, Bromine, and Iodine.

Ductile-is able to deform under stress

This screw was deformed under stress.

This drink is made from water and its not hard and you can see it.

Chemical changes occur when a substance combines with another to form a new substance.

A reaction has occurred if two solutions are mixed and there is a color change that is not simply the result of a dilution of one of the reactant solutions.

Homogeneous Mixture-Same, It can easily be mixed

Kool-Aid it can be mixed with ease, it can be mixed and it will not separate.

Diamond: The Diamond is hardest knwon substance (or Natural Substance). It is in Crystalline state. It's density is 3.51 gram per cubic centimeter.


This banana contain potassium.

Example Alkaline Earth Metal

The alkaline earth elements are metallic elements found in the second group of the periodic table.

Transition metals

the transition elements are both ductile and malleable, and conduct electricity and heat.

Physical changes are used to separate mixtures into their component compounds.

Water is frozen into ice and the change of the temperature the ice begins to melt and that is an example of a physical change.

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