Helen Keller

Perseverance Project by Madison and Violet

Perseverance is when you push through something that is holding you back from your goal.

Helen was born on June 27, 1880 in Tuscumbia, Alabama and died on June 1 1968 in Easton, Connecticut, and was the oldest child out of the 2 daughters, and had two older step brothers.
By the age of 18 months she was deaf, blind and mute.

Helen's biggest accomplishment is when she perserved with all the challenges of being deaf blind and mute.

Helen had to attend Horace Mann school for the blind and struggled to learn sign language.

At the age of seven Helen became very uncontrollable and would kick and scream when angry and giggle uncontrollably when happy. She would torment Martha(teacher) and throw ragging tantrums on her parents.

As Helen's frustration grew her tantrums increased.

Many family members thought she would be institutionalized.

Finally Martha demanded that Helen and herself be isolated from the rest of her family so that Helen could concentrate.They moved to a cottage on a plantation.

This person is an excellent choice because she was blind deaf and mute when most people are none of the above or just one.She struggled learning because she was all three. no one could imagine what it would it would be like in her shoes.

This is where we found these facts http://www.biography.com/people/helen-keller-9361967

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