The Good Pictures

Bye France !

Hello Ireland !

After 18 hours of funny pitches and ♫Rock'n'Roll All Nite ♫

The Flakes *_*

Cadbury's just a genius.

1st day, beautiful morning

The first morning's weather was quite good ! We couldn't suspect that it was gonna be a worse later :O

Hello the sea lion :D

Beautiful things at the museum :)

Enjoyed the free time in Dublin !

Blue sky, the sun was shining, I had to waste it with a bad pic of my friends ;

On our way to "Gjfienizcnce"

I can't get Irish cities' name ! The journey was good by the awesome landscapes we could see.

When we arrived, we thought we'd see more when we are hiking, but the rain didn't decide to let us enjoy the beautiful Irish views...

Despite of the unseen landscapes, we could gaze at a tiny pretty waterfall

As if the falling water wasn't missing (over our heads huh), we stared at this, and thought we'd love to have the same at home. How soothing would it be !

Our farm wall 8)

Thanks Andy for letting us express ourselves with a blank wall !

We all found something to write or draw, it was amazing to see everyone with a paintbrush !

Samson & Jeremie having fun in the peat bog... =D

Last day in Ireland, last day in Dublin ='(

Bye UK !

After a short night, we left the UK :(

The Bad Pictures


Look at her legs... wow

Lady Paddywagon x)

Thanks to this store that permitted me to take this (great?) picture ;D


Was he Jesus ? Was he looking for him ? Or may be he had nothing to do today ? We should've called Abbé Samson to help him ! But for the moment, no one knows...

Can I ? Shall I do that ?

Ok so just two pics :D

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