Put a STOP to bullying.

This scenario was about a group of teen friends that were hanging out one day. They noticed the unpopular boy was online and they wanted to tease him a little bit so they found out a lot of personal information about him and posted it onto an anonymous blog. They posted the conversation and shared it with a bunch of kids at school as a joke. Chris turns out to be the school joke because of the humiliating messages.

If I was in this group of friends, I wouldn't treat the unpopular kid badly. I think that everyone deserves a chance to be happy and have friends and no one deserves to be put through something as bad a bullying. I would have told my friends no, that bullying will get you no where. Just leave him alone and be nice. It wouldn't be rewarding in any way to bring someone down like that. If I was in one of the friends situations, it would make me feel upset if someone wants to take those measures just to hurt someone else. I would definitely respond by telling them to stop being a bully and be more mature than they're acting now.

Being the bully doesn't make you any better than anyone else. It's sad to see all of these kids being bullied for no reasons what so ever. There isn't a reason to bully. Only to get some kind of satisfaction out of it that means nothing to no one else but to yourself. Don't be a bully. Stand up and STOP bullying.