Scott Bata - US Army Airborne School

Scott Bata graduated from the United States Army Airborne School in November of 2013, reaching yet another important milestone in what has been an accomplished and respectable military career. It wasn’t long after graduating the Fort Benning, Georgia school that Bata became the S4 Officer for 1st Battalion, 5th Special Forces Group at Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

For the past six years, Scott Bata has been a proud service member in the United States Army, and has held several important posts that have brought out the best in both his leadership and logistics skill. Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in July of 2008, Bata received his first official assignment as Quartermaster Officer for the 260th Quartermaster Battalion, where he served as Platoon Leader of the 473rd Quartermaster Company. He served in this position until April of 2010, when he officially became the Executive Officer for the 110th Quartermaster Company. He held this position until September of 2011, when he was promoted to the rank of Captain and began to serve as the Assistant Operations Officer for the 260th Quartermaster Battalion.

It was as a result of his service as Assistant Operations Officer that Scott Bata received the Army Commendation Medal, which he was given for meritorious service as a part of the 260th. He then entered the Combined Logistics Captain’s Career Course, or CLC3, which he completed in July of 2012. Following completion of CLC3, Bata has served as both a Logistics Liaison Officer (Advisor) in Baghdad, Iraq, as Battalion Operations Officer and as Battalion S4 Officer-in-Charge. He is currently transitioning from the service to a civilian career.

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