Rhode Island Colony

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Background Information

The Rhode Island Colony was founded in 1636 by Roger Williams because he wanted separation of church and state which just means, he doesn't want the church to influence the decisions of the government.

When he founded the colony, he guaranteed all of it's citizens, the freedom of religion. He did this because he didn't like how England would rule what religion, people could worship. He had left Massachusetts before finding this fine colony, as the puritans also ruled religion.


At the Rhode Island colony, everyone has freedom of religion. This is one of the only colonies that offers this choice. If you are sick of having to follow just one certain religion which, if you stop worshipping then get persecuted, this is the right settlement for you.

People you will meet!

Anyone is welcome in our colony and can worship any kind of religion they want. People who resent puritans and are multi-religious are the most prominent people who you will probably see in the Rhode Island Colony and if you join us, we will all get along ga-rate. You will see a multitude of religions being worshipped.

Economy and Geography

The terrain in The Rhode Island Colony was mainly just flat rolling hills and lowlands. There were lots of mountains in the area which flourished with trees such as timber. The timber is very strong which makes it useful for making houses and other settlements. But there was poor rocky soil which did make it hard to farm. At least there was water in which you could fish in, and the timber could make fine sturdy boats and fishing rods to use(So if YOU like seafood, then this is the perfect settlement for you.). So as you can guess, around here we make most of our living by fishing,dairy and livestock. We also get some money from the lumbering we do. Sometimes we also trade products with the indian groups around here.