5 Good Logos

I think Chick-fil-a has a very good and creative logo, because the chicken on the C makes perfect sense, since all they sell is chicken.

FedEx has a very simple but creative logo because it seems that it just says FedEx, but in reality it has a hidden arrow in between the E and X.

Redbox is very simple, they really didn't have to do anything because it is creative at the same time. The logo color is red and the logos name is red box, which is why i like it a lot.

Tostitos logo is probably one of few companies who made it unique, creative and fun, because it has hidden people on the two t's in the middle.

Froot Loops company made use of their product, by using the actual cereal as the letter "O" in Fruit Loops.

I dislike this logo because it doesn't have anything unique about it it just has the brand name and a star. There is nothing eye catching about it.

This logo is not eye pleasing to me, it is very ugly and it doesn't even make sense.

This logo is very boring and not unique, it is plain black and white. And instead of underlining the each letter they should've underlined the whole word.

This logo reminds me of throw up, the color is very displeasing to the eye. The font seems like it doesn't belong with the company.

This logo is very disgusting and very inappropriate. The color of this is ugly and just the saying on it is horribke.