Thirteen Reasons Why

By: Jay Asher

Protagonist: Clay Jensen is a nice guy who changes by listening to Hannah Baker's tapes.

Antagonist: Everyone and everything  in Hannah's life, she feels that she can't find a safe place anywhere with this negative environment.

Plot Teaser

C lay Jensen receives a package of tapes recorded by Hannah Baker, who has recently committed suicide by swallowing a handful of  pills. She creates 13 tapes and each person she mentions is a reason she killed herself .This conflict stays with clay the entire book and throughout the rest of his life. Hannah reveals that it isn't entirely Clay's fault but only because he let rumors stand in between their relationship. He could have made a difference if he hadn't held back.Hannah's decision of self destruction makes Clay so angry because if he would've done something, maybe Hannah would still be alive.Clay has been deeply affected by the tapes and takes action to stop people from suicide.


Guilt and blame : Hannah wants the listeners to feel bad about what they did to her and to learn to treat people better in the future.

I would recommend this book to anybody being bullied ,knows someone who is ,or whoever is bullying. You never know how much your words or actions can affect a person's life, good or bad.

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