Cerebral Palsy    
By: Harrison & Ronan 

What Is Cerebral Palsy?      

    Have you ever heard of cerebral palsy? Cerebral palsy is a condition that effects muscle movement and also in severe cases effects the neurons in the cerebral cortex of your brain,this could make you paralyzed from the neck down and unable to talk. Cerebral palsy is usually developed before birth by brain damage.

Out Of My Mind

      Melody Brooks in the book "Out Of My Mind" by: Sharon Draper has this condition. Melody Brooks has spastic cerebral palsy which is one of the three types of cerebral palsy, the other two types are athitoid and ataxic cerebral palsy.

Famous People With Cerebral Palsy

    There are many people with cerebral palsy that have achieved great things like: Anne McDonald the Australian disability rights activist , RJ Mitte the famous actor in Breaking Bad, Susie Maroney the Australian marathon swimmer, and Christy Brown who was a successful painter. This shows us that if you follow your dreams you can achieve almost anything!

Book Summary

   Melody Brooks in the book "Out Of My Mind"  by Sharon Draper is for the most part a completely misunderstood 11 year old girl who wants to communicate in every way possible but has cerebral palsy and is unable to speak or walk. Melody has a love for language and has cherished words ever since she was born, but she is unbelievably intelligent. Soon after she graduated the 4th grade she made it on to the 5th grade school quiz team. Soon after she got a device to communicate on she named the device Elvira But no one ever knew that. On the quiz team Melody lead them to the quiz kid finals in Washington DC but the scheduled flight was  cancelled because of bad weather and the rest of the quiz team deliberately leaves Melody behind and takes an earlier flight to Washington without her. Melody soon after gets over the drama and decides to go to school the next day but while she pulls out of the driveway Melody notices Penny behind her! Melody tries to warn her mom by throwing a fit but she was to late. Penny was hit in the legs and her mom stopped immediately and hurried over to see if she was okay. Penny got off with a broken leg and a large cast as well as a  broken arm but she was okay otherwise. Melody stayed home that day and worried about Penny until her mom delivered the news. She went to school the next day and confronted the whole quiz team. She then realized that it's okay to be different.

Character Analysis

    Melody's character is complicated as well as fascinating. She is humorous as well as sarcastic as Sharon Draper clearly shows in her writing. For instance she jokes to her mom about her gaining weight. She is also creative and intelligent since she has a photographic memory from which she can pull moments and thoughts out in a blink of and eye. As well as her ability to take pictures with her sponge of a mind she also associates music with color.


  The theme in Out Of My Mind By: Sharon Draper is that you shouldn't judge people just because of how they look or how they are on the outside, you should always judge a person by their personality. And I know that's easier said than done but still even if its hard sometimes its always the right thing to do.

Point Of View

    The point of view of Out Of My Mind is completely and holey narrated by Melody as she shares her thoughts with you during the narration of the book since she has no one else to speak to the story is narrated in her mind.


  The setting in this book is based at Melody's home, Melody's school and Mrs. V's house. Also occasionally straying from the regular setting and instead going to minor settings like the airport, the aquarium, wiz kids stadium, and in rare cases Melody's moms car.

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