Genocide in sudan


The government in Sudan unleashes Arab militias commonly knows as Janjaweed or "devil horseback". Sudanese forces and Janjaweed attacked 400 villages causing millions to flee their homes.

Full Descripition

Many war told the war would be over soon but that is the opposite of what happens , many people died due to starvation, disease, and slavery

8 Stages of Genocide

1.Classification : Throughout sudan there are different race, ethnicity and religion throughout sudan. In Darfur it was Black Africans vs. Arab Africans.

2. Symbolization: There are many Flags, names and  many other symbols that represent Sudan but, In Darfur the most prominent  symbol my skin color.

3.Dehumanaztion: Many acts were taken that caused dehumanization, many had to flee homes and live on the streets and try to survive and example is the slaves in Darfur.

4.Organization: The Janjaweed was armed and given tanks, they knew exactly what villages to go to and had a systematic route of villages to attack.

5.Polaraztion:The president of Sudan said he would protect the black africans but he did not stick to that promise. They made it very dangerous for humanitarian assistance to help out and offer food, leaving the black africans stuck, dyeing due to starvation and disease.

6. Preparation:Often they are relocated to ghettos, camps, or famine-struck regions where they are destined to starve. Both of these are present in Darfur, survivors of the village raids make it to refugee camps and some areas are so isolated and connections for assistance have been cut off.

7. Extermination:n Darfur the villages were burned and people were rushed out of there homes, the people terrorized and killed.

8. Denial: The Sudanese government rejects evidence that genocide is happening and has reported false statistics of the number of people killed.

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