Final Presentation

Being a duck is exhausting!
  • PRIOR TO TAKING THIS COURSE Duck metaphor: calm on the surface, paddling furiously underneath in order to stay afloat
  • If I were to teach GT students I would struggle underneath but try to give off the illusion that it was easy.
  • New duck metaphor is how I see high quality gifted/talented education.
  • In reality ducks don’t paddle to stay afloat.
  • Their bodies are naturally stable in water and they weigh less than the weight of the water they displace. They also have hollow bones and air sacs within its body.(inherent desire to want to teach GT students)
  • A gland secretes an oil that the duck then manually spreads over its feather. (Oil: the resources we need to take advantage of)
  • Under the new duck metaphor, one would stay afloat through reflexive actions- the duck spreads the oil over its own feathers just as teachers ought to seek out resources and ideas from different theories on gifted and talented education in order to float.
  • Oil (resource to keep teachers afloat) are available but we need to apply it in order to avoid sinking.
  • The duck, in fact, only needs to paddle to move or resist water current. We have some control over how much frantic work we do. Teachers may sometimes paddle furiously when they land in turbulent waters. So we need to be able to recognize and seek out calm waters (research based practices, help from others, feedback from parents, State Standards information).
  • When we see something that we would like to change in a GT program we will need to work harder to move things in the direction we want them to be in. Paddle, paddle!

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