The Life of Bui Duy Binh .
He lives in vietnam.
Bui is 11.
Bui Duy Binh is 11 years old and in the fifth grade. He lives with his mom, dad and younger brother in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

1.I get up, brush my teeth and get ready for school. My mom usually makes my breakfast. But today, I buy pho (faw), a beef noodle soup, from a street vendor.

2.Every Monday, school starts with a salute to Ho Chi Minh. Our city is named in his honor. His picture hangs in almost every school and house in Vietnam. After the salute, we sing songs that honor our country.

3.School ends. Because there are not enough teachers, half of my school goes to class in the morning and half goes in the afternoon. My parents work, so when school ends, I take a motorcycle taxi home. We call it a xe om (say ohm).

The life of Gage Poth
Lives in united states
Age 14
Lives with 2 other people Mom and dad

2 am sleeping

6 am getting up to go to school.

7am getting on the bus

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