5 Internet Safety Tips!
             By: Maria C.

#1 Cyber Bullying

If you get bullied on facebook or in other sites. You should save the message and report it to and adult you trust.

#2 Profile Penalty

Don't change how you are to get a scholarship, or to enter a team like football, basketball or any other teams.

#3 Be careful who you have as friends

Be careful who you have as friends! If you don't who they are don't add them, because you don't know who they really are.

#4 Think before making an account.

You should think about making your account. If you don't use it properly it could harm you. Ask your parents before making your account.

#5 Photos online

Ask your parents permission before posting a picture. If you don't ask there could be consequences.

Conclusion- Think before you do antything online.

Ask you parent's before doing anything. If your getting bullied or feel uncomftorable tell an adult you trust. Just remember that your parent's, teachers, or anyone you trust there alway's are going to be there for you.

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