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what was a key to successful farming

                               having enough water

In neolithic times,the first people to begin farming in mesopotamia lived

               in the zagros mountains

what drove people to move out of the foothills and to the plains of sumer

                more land to farm

now we are going to twist it up i am going to tell you the answers then the question


mesopotamia is located in the modern country of


  the earliest settlements in mesopotamia where small like independent countries

the walls had been made from natural thing like mud bricks.

how did the sumerian city walls  relate to the environment

                the sun was to hot and there was too little rain

what made mesopotamia a difficult environment to live in

                                         there was food shortages in the hills

what was the major disadvantage to the rapid population growth in the foothills

now lets go over the problems

problem 1 was: they were over populated

solution  1 was: they moved to the zagros mountains.

problem 2 was:they had no control of the water supply

solution 2 was:they build an irrigation system

problem 3 was:the irrigation system got clogged

solution 3 was:they all got stuff and they cleaned it out

problem 4 was: there was war because the upper states took the water from the lower states

solution 4 was: they all become on huge commutative even though  they were still different states   

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