Bitumastic Coloured Solution

The renowned Black Bitumastic Solution is used all over the world for its quality and protective properties. In certain circumstances however, it was recognised that potential users would prefer a coloured finish. In order to satisfy this demand, Bitumastic Coloured Solution was offered in 18 lead free colours with special shades manufactured to order. The gloss finish achieved offers a decorative film having an above average  protective function suitable for a wide variety of applications. Being particularly suitable for industrial applications, Bitumastic Coloured Solution may be applied to steelwork, timber etc., by brush or spray, achieving high opacity and a reasonable film build.

  • Economical
  • Lead Free Colours
  • Excellent Hiding Power
  • May be Overcoated Next Day
  • For industrial, agricultural and domestic use, for example, machinery, gates, drainpipes, warehouse doors, steel frames, steelwork on garages, gates and railings
  • Can also be applied to wood for a glossy, weather resistant finish

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(NB: Black Bitumastic Solution and Bitumastic Coloured Solution are based on different raw materials and should not be mixed as they are incompatible. Neither product should applied over dried films of the other without impairing the properties of the applied film.)