The Holocaust by: Leslie Espitia

The Holocaust
The state sponsored, systematic persecution and annihilation of European Jewry by Nazi Germany and its collaborators between 1933-1945.

Leo Schneiderman and His story

Leo Schneiderman is a man who survived the Holocaust. He tells his story about the train ride to the concentration camps with his family and dozens of other Jews. He recalls the ride on the train and what he saw not knowing where he was going. Once there he had hard laboring jobs. And was soon seperated from his family and was taken to Auschwitz.

The Holocaust Youth

Young German Soldiers

Around the 1920's Hitler started recruiting young German children to become Nazi soldiers during the Holocaust era. To start indoctringting these children they started with school. German educators introduced to the children textbooks that taught the children of the love of Hitler. Soon It became mandatory for both young girls and boys to join the organizations: The Hitler Youth and the League of German Girls.

The Denial

During World War II the Jewish killings were going on most of the time they were kept top secret. So Hitler told to the Nazi soldiers to never talk about the killings. Soon the information got out and everyone knew what the Nazi Party was planning. Holocaust deniers debate that the very existence of the Holocaust as a Historical event.

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