Engage students, improve collaboration and spark creativity with Tackk!

Why Tackk works in the classroom...


      The easiest way for students and teachers to create + share pages on the web.


      Students tap into creativity using colors, fonts, patterns, images, video, audio and more.


      Privacy options including private content and password protection.


      Teachers and students can log in and share Tackks with Edmodo or Google+


      Use your computer, tablet or phone to collaborate visually with Tackk Stream.

    • IT'S FREE

      It's your favorite word, right? Create and share for free, always.

    • THERE'S AN APP FOR THAT                                                             Available as a Chrome App or iPad App

    • Works in any web browser....all you need is Internet access.  :)

Ways to use Tackk in the classroom

  • Lesson planning
  • Persuasive writing projects, essays and more
  • Presentations to students/districts/teachers
  • Parent communication
  • Peer critiques/feedback
  • Student ePortfolios
  • STAAR review resources
  • "How to" or video tutorials
  • Research
  • School/class newsletters
  • School announcements
  • Event promo + RSVPs
  • Collaborate in the Tackk Stream
  • With other edu apps - Edmodo

It's easy to use!

  • Create your free account -
  • Just choose a template or start with a blank canvas
  • Add some color through the use of pallets and background designs, or embed your own picture
  • Change fonts styles
  • Set your options:  Public or Private - Too password protect or not?  
  • Share your creations - Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Edmodo, Email it, Print it or Embed it on your website.  

Insert Text

There are bascially two types : Headlines and Text.  Text can be copied and pasted from the web or any document that you choose.  Tackk provide several options for simple formatting of your text, too.....

  • BOLD,
  • Italics,
  • larger or smaller text,
  • bulleted or numbered lists.  

Insert Photos

Photos can be uploaded the embedded photo engines (Giphy or 500), uploaded from your computer or jump drive, pulled from an Instagram Account or directly from a web link (URL)

Insert Video

Insert Audio Recordings

Using Buttons


Embed Apps - Like Twitter

Apps - Like Thinglink

Or even Slide Share Resources

There are over 250 items you can embed, most frompopular apps that students like to use

  • PollEveryWhere
  • Skitch
  • Prezy
  • Sorify
  • Photopedia
  • Google Maps
  • Getty Images
  • Full list

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Add a Contact or Request Form

You can even sell items
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or accept donations

Collaborate with your students and parents through the comment stream.  The comment stream allows individuals can add items from pictures to videos and more.  

So how might you use Tackk in your classroom?  
Answer in the comment stream below. :)