Rebekah Christman, Lindsay Klasek

Bert the farm boy

an adventure on Campylobacter Jejuni

          Bert Scwaggle loved two things in this world, his farm animals and raw milk straight from the cow. One fine hot summer day as Bert climbed out of the nearby creek he thought to himself, what a fine afternoon for some cow milk. He made his way over to the big red barn where he spotted Olivia, the best milking cow in the state, she is a two time blue ribbon champ. Bert made his way over to the cow with his milking bucket. He began to milk the cow, he then drank the milk straight from the pail. Feeling great, he wandered to his tire swing.

        Two days later Bert wasn't feeling so well. He felt pain in his stomach and muscles, he had been puking all afternoon, as well as a headache and fever. Bert's mother, Georgia, thought it was just the usual forty eight hour stomach bug, but when Bert's case did not become better in four days, she decided to take him to the hospital where they ran loads of tests and asked multiple questions. Finally Bert's sickness was revealed, the doctor said he gotten the bacteria Campylobacter Jejuni from either the raw milk or cleaning up animal poop from the barn. The doctor also explained it was most common in young children and young adults. Since Bert is 5, he had the right age for the bacteria to fester.

          The doctor said no antibiotics can cure this form of bacteria however there was a medicine (erythromycin) that reduces the time being infected. He then told Bert that this sickness could last up to ten days. Bert being a silly farm boy asked "Docta how's can I be sick iffin I never saw none bad stuff in the milk". The doctor shook his head and chuckled softly "Silly Bert these bacteria are so tiny they cannot be seen with the naked eye". "How can a eyeball be naked Docta". The doctor laughed "No no Bert naked eye means without a microscope, under the microscope the bacteria looks slender and curved, motile rod". The doctor described to Bert that unless he wanted this to happen again he should never drink milk that hasn't been processed and take care while cleaning up after the animals. Bert nodded and agreed, to this day young Bert doesn`t  drink raw milk and plans to keep it that way.



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