Eat, Pray, Love

By Elizabeth Gilbert

Eat, Pray, Love is a memoir about a writer named Elizabeth Gilbert and her journey to find the women she never was but always wanted to be. On a trip to Bali for her magazine she talks to a spiritual man named Ketut and he tells her about what will happen in her life and that she will return to Bali "Someday soon you will come back to Bali. You must. You will stay here in Bali for three, maybe four months. You will be my friend" . As everything he predicted begins to unfold, she finds herself divorced, in a depressive state and decides to spend a year abroad, traveling to Italy, India and ending the year in Bali with Ketut "You will come back here to Bali and live here and teach me English. And I will teach you everything I know." On this adventure she finds out how enjoy the little things, like incredible food, be more spiritual and peaceful, and how to find balance and love.
Through out her trip, Elizabeth makes many friends that help her change and find the part of her she's been searching for, the happy part.
Her downward spiral starts after her divorce when she moves in with her new boyfriend, David, an actor who she falls for while he's playing a part in a short play she short, this is when she slowly starts going from a happy girl who "dove out of her marriage and into David's arms" to the kind of girl who spends most nights in a suicidal state and sleeping in a heap of towels on the floor next to the bed crying. It was after finally ending her relationship with David and learning to live on her own that she decided the thing she wanted to do was learn Italian.

This song fits the book because its bubbly and adventurous, its a very happy sounding song and it fits with the idea of exploration in someones head.

She begins in Italy where she becomes good friends with an Italian man named Giovanni who teaches her Italian, not only do they tutor each other but they eat, while in Italy she eats some of the most amazing foods she has ever tasted, she learns to love herself, her body, her mind and how she treats life. While still feeling very alone in her head she makes some very close friends in Italy who help and support her. It is here where she finds out that her life is for her to live and enjoy. She explores the art of pleasure, she learns, and she eats.
Next she spends four months in India, she stays in an Ashram to pray to her spiritual Guru and find peace within her life and herself. Not only is staying here extremely frustrating for her but its difficult to learn how to concentrate on peace and make the stressful transition from lustful Italy to labor-ful India. Here she meets and becomes close with a man named Richard. Richard is extremely important to her spiritual journey in that he gives her something to continue to work for. Richard prays for God to open his heart, he shows her the meaning of praying and helps her to grow into a strong and unworried woman "His giant ambling confidence hushes down all my inherent nervousness and reminds me that everything really is going to be OK,". Here she learns to forgive herself, she finds peace, she explores the art of devotion, and she prays.
She ends the year returning to Bali just as Ketut told her she would, he does as he promised and teaches her about acceptance, life and balance. While in Bali she is knocked off her bike and off a small hill by a bus, in pain with an infected knee she goes to a healer, she is introduced to Armenia, an upbeat women who invites her to a party, it is here that she meets Felipe. The two fall in love and she is able to trust him with her heart and continue to be happy, loving him and being loved by him and not worrying about the pain it could cause her, just enjoying the happiness and devotion. With him she finds one of the most important places in the world to her, an island called Gili Meno where her and Felipe go to at the end of book. In Bali she learns the most about herself, she is able to find a healthy balance in her life after learning how to forgive and enjoy herself. It is here that she learns to balance her life, enjoy the pleasures of existing, live in harmony and where she loves.
Throughout this book Elizabeth (Liz) changes drastically. Not only does she overcome her depression and find happiness and peace within herself, but she also changes the person she is, she prays and meditates and eats healthily but without limits. She finds more pleasure in herself than she ever thought was there. She seeks a transformation in her life and she achieves it with a new found spiritual love and constant goal of tranquility "I wanted to explore the art of Italy, the art of devotion in India and, in Indonesia [Bali] the art of balancing the two". She develops from a weak person to a strong one and finds a true serenity.

This video fits the book because it displays traveling and the joy it can bring a person. It reminds us that our lives are chalked up to our experiences and that there is a lot in the world to find out about. (I am absolutely in love with this video by the way, I've watched it at least 5 times.)

These pictures shows a temple in Bali, an Ashram in India and many other incredible places around the world that are tied to a feeling of peace, power, and some, learning.

The Central theme

The central theme of this book is balance and faith, Liz empowers herself to find balance in her life and to make herself happy, she is a strong women who takes her life into her own hands and discovers that she can find happiness in her life with prayer and finding pleasure in all that she does. She ends as a free spirit who learned to forgive herself and find balance in her life.

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